Riviera Maya: Unforgettable Holidays
Riviera Maya, or Maya Riviera quite popularly known, is an absolutea paradise on Earth, an ideal holiday destination that promises and delivers vacations of a lifetime.
Stretching from Punta Tanchacte in the north to Punta Allen in the south, the famed Riviera Maya holiday hot spot is located alongside the northern coast of the enchanting Caribbean

One of the best things about Riviera Maya is that it has something to offer to everyone, irrespective of ages and tastes. Whether one is more inclined to laze around the sunny beaches or be adventurous and venture into snorkelling and scuba diving, there is no dearth of choices for what to do during a vacation. With the vast expanse of the Caribbean lined with beautiful beaches, it is no surpise that it is a haven for water sports enthusiasts,

From enjoying the peace and tranquillity of Akumal beach to having an adventure at Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya has it all. Moreover, nature has truly blessed Riviera Maya with beautiful weather and an abundance of beauty. Playa Del Carmen offers you a lovely reason to shop and offers excellent mementos to remind you of the fabulous experience of a Riviera Maya vacation.

Riviera Maya Attractions: What to look for during your vacation
For the ardent tourist with an eye for new sights, there is a lot to look around in Riviera Maya. From the archaeological ruins of Tulum to theme parks to wild jungles(the jungles provide an amazing insight into the wide variety of flora and fauna) to lovely tourist resorts, all guaranteed to make your holiday trip totally worthwhile.

Accommodation in Riviera Maya
The Riviera Maya offers various types of accommodation to suit all budgets There is no dearth of high-quality hotels and resorts and Most of these places of stay offer excellent venues to you're your feet up and enjoy a sun-downer overlooking the gorgeous Caribbean

Food and Culinary Delights in Riviera Maya
Food is yet another reason that makes your Riviera Maya holiday pleasurable . Being a top destination for the international tourist, it offers a wide selection of local and international cuisine to suit your palate. Whether you choose to enjoy the exotic, mouth watering cuisine in the ambience of a romantic candle light dinner at any of the beautifully done up restaurants or a quiet family meal great choices await you.

Planning your Riviera Maya vacation
Plan your holiday for the months of April to September, to embrace the warmth of the sun It's the best time of the year to laze about on the beaches during the daytime and enjoy the shopping extravaganzas that the place provides. For those coming from warmer climes, October to March is an ideal time. Thankfully, Riviera Maya is blessed with fabulous weather throughout the year.

Riviera Maya has become one of the hotspots on the world tourist map. Explore the pristine beaches of Riviera Maya and the captivating beauty of nature's gifts to mankind .

We are absolutely certain that your Riviera Vacation will leave you longing for more, wishing time would just stretch a bit longer. Well, you can always have another holiday!

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